Why Choose Pilot?

  • After 20 years of building leather suits, we have the technical knowledge to fix any problem correctly
  • All color leather hides in stock to use on your suit
  • Original Schoeller Keprotec for repair for stretch panels in arms, legs and crotch
  • All OE parts for Pilot model suits to be replaced
  • The best US made bonded nylon thread used in all suits
  • Proper machines to sew leather panels and external armor
  • Ability to make printed and leather logos, names and patches

    We recommend having your leather suit cleaned and conditioned annually. Leather that isn't regularly treated will become stiff and dried out and has a much shorter life span than leather that is properly cared for.

    Cleaning and conditioning not only brings back the luster and suppleness to old leather, but also includes a full cleaning of your suits mesh liner, a removal of salt and grit from zippers and a restoration of Velcro surfaces. All for just $100.

    Requesting A Repair Quote

    Before sending in your leathers for repair. First snap a few high quality pictures of the damaged areas.

    Include the photos and a detailed description of the damage in an email to repairs@pilotmotosport.com with the subject line "Repair Quote".

    Within 24hrs we will provide you with a detailed quote listing the cost of the repair. You can pick and choose what you want repaired (seams or crucial leather areas for instance) and what you don't. Once you approve, we'll issue you a repair request number and you can send your product in.
    Once your quote is approved, we'll send a payment request and an RA # to be placed on the outside of the box to be received in our building.
    Most repairs are completed within 2-3 days of our receiving the product.

    We repair other brands as well, not just Pilot product. We're also capable of adding names, numbers and patches to your non-Pilot product. Simply email us your request!